Passport Springs and Spa


Passport Springs & Spa recreates the most celebrated hot springs from around the world.

Coming to Atlanta in 2023.

Immerse in Passport Springs

Soak in pools amid a tropical jungle. Float in North America’s largest Dead Sea pool. Recline in a Roman courtyard. Sip sake under a pagoda. Through captivating architecture, inspiring landscapes, and state-of-the-art lighting, you’ll experience a social buzz like never before. Bring friends and meet new ones, while dipping into the world’s most celebrated hot springs.

4 Breathtaking Pavilions

Each pavilion will replicate the architecture, landscaping, sights, sounds and cuisines of its international source destination, as well as the mineral profile of its hot springs.


Costa Rica



Signature Spa Offerings

Each of Passport’s pavilions feature signature spa offerings from around the world.

The Dead Sea

Float on the world’s largest Dead Sea flotation pool, excluding the Dead Sea itself, alongside mud and clay pools.

The Grotto

 Journey through the Grotto, a subterranean cave network featuring snow, steam, sauna and salt rooms

Dining at Passport Springs

Enjoy an exquisite meal in The Passport Café & Bistro.  Sample international cocktail and hors d’oeuvre offerings within each pavilion.

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